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In a recent poll of Uncle Scoopy's Fun House readers, we listed all 16 Best Actress winners who have shown skin in their Oscar winning movies and we posed the following question...
Which actress gave us the Best Oscar Winning Nude Performance

Here are the poll results summarized by Scoopy Jr., as well as our movie reviews and DVD info.

5. (tie) Hilary Swank in "Boys Don't Cry"

In 2000, Swank seemed to come from out of nowhere to take home the Oscar for her cross-dressing role in the indie film "Boys Don't Cry".

Based on real life events, the movie follows the short life of a young woman in Nebraska who lived life as a dude, and was eventually murdered.

As for the nudity...Swank hasn't shown much in her career, but there were a couple of brief 'reveal' scenes to prove that her character was in fact a woman. Like most folks, I'd like to see more of Swank, but now that she's 2 for 2 on Oscar night, chances are pretty slim that she'll ever show skin again.

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5. (tie) Jodie Foster in "The Accused"

"The Accused" was Foster's second time at the plate and her first Oscar win.

Foster gave a tremendous performance playing a white-trash drunk who is raped, and then fights her rapists in court. In the hands of lesser actors, this could have turned into an after school special. Just another 'girl from wrong side of tracks endures and becomes saintly in the end'. Thankfully that didn't happen. Foster had the acting chops to portray her character as a true to life and very flawed person. As a result, the film was able to stay focused on the main issue - which was that the same laws protect Tanya Harding and Mother Teresa.

Foster bared her breasts in a very rough and powerful rape scene.

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4. Helen Hunt in "As Good as It Gets"

To help round out the poll, I included a few actresses who had shown minimal skin in their Oscar winning roles. Hunt was one of those.

I must admit, this movie getting into the top 5 surprised me since there is not much actual nudity. I guess I must have underestimated the popularity of Helen Hunt, this film or both.

She did show some partial side breast views, but the most revealing scenes featured her in a soaking wet T-shirt.

Since there seem to be fans of Hunt voting...if you really want some great Hunt nudity, check out "The Waterdance".

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3. Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shakespeare in Love"

A rose by any other name....

If that's the case, this movie could also be called "The Movie That Made Shakespeare Fun", "The Movie That Made Paltrow a Star" or possibly "The Movie with Affleck that Doesn't Suck".

Of course in Scoopyland it's also known as 'The movie that is just about guaranteed to get you laid if you watch it with a chick'.

This is one of our favorite movies of the 90's. It's funny, well written, well acted, well filmed and honestly, who didn't fall for Gwyneth Paltrow while watching this?

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2. Holly Hunter in "The Piano"

Is this artistic film making at it's finest? or merely pretentious crap?

Guess it depends on who you ask. Personally I thought this 1993 movie was possibly the most boring thing I had ever seen...until I saw "The English Patient".

Was Hunter great? Absolutely. It was a very challenging role and she did a superb job. If there had been no nudity, would I have sat through it? Hell no!

Thankfully there was plenty, and Hunter looked great while showing off almost all of her bod.

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1. Halle Berry in "Monsters Ball"

If only she had done some sex scenes in that "Catwoman" outfit...

This wasn't even a close race. With more votes than the rest of the top 5 actresses combined, Halle's Oscar Winning nudity came out on top.

"Monster's Ball" is a very powerful movie with complex characters and no real resolutions or happy endings. All the characters are horribly flawed, abusive and self-loathing. I suppose the reason this story is so powerful is because we know people like this really exist, and that often in life there are no easy ways out or happy endings.

Every one in this movie did a tremendous job on screen. And of course there were the sex scenes with Halle and Billy Bob. Rough and desperate, yet also completely loving (in an odd way) and very emotional all at once.

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