Uncle Scoopy's Top 20 Nude Scenes of 2023


For the 25th consecutive year, the readers of Uncle Scoopy's Fun House and related sites have chosen their favorite nude scenes.

The voting took place in stages.

In stage one, nominations were accepted from all readers of Other Crap for a full month. That list also includes links to sample images from each nominee.

In stage two, all voters were allowed to rank all nominees from top to bottom, and a seeded list of finalists was created from the results.

In stage three, voters were asked to name one and only one of the choices as their selection for the top nude performance of the year. The numerical results of the balloting can be found here.

2022 had offered a particularly sparse list of great nude scenes, with nary a full-frontal scene in the top twelve except for the well-weathered Emma Thompson. 2023 represented a remarkable resurgence. The top three scenes involved top-tier Hollywood actresses fully naked. The last time that three such noteworthy performers did full body nudity was 2014 (Robbie, Daddario and ScarJo).

Just behind Lawrence, Stone and Brie were three full-frontal scenes in the next five slots. It was such a good year, up and down the roster, that I expanded the top twenty list into a top twenty-five.

Other noteworthy items:

Two new series, Obliterated and Three Women, filled four of the top ten slots.

Virginie Efira, the reigning queen of  full-frontal nudity, made the list for the third consecutive year, this time moving all the way up to #6.

Shelley Hennig became the first performer ever to make the top ten without exposing anything but her butt. She also won the rookie of the year award by coming in fourth in her first appearance on the list, although she barely edged out another newcomer, Ana Girardot, who was just below her in the #5 position.

The ageless Heather Graham made the list at number twelve, some 26 years after her first appearance, when she blew the competition away for her role in Boogie Nights. She also took the top spot in 2002, and filled the #7 slot in 2007.

Jennifer Lawrence became the third actress ever to garner more than 30% of the votes. It was the third-highest percentage on record, but far from the highest. Lawrence barely cleared the 30% hurdle, while Heather Graham took about 40% of the votes in 1997, and Katie Holmes set a very high bar when she topped 50% in 2000.

Parker Posey was the oldest actress on this year's list. She made it by looking spectacular at 55. Oddly, she has never appeared on the list before, although she has appeared naked in at least nine other roles, and was the queen of the indies when she was young.

Keri Russell in The Diplomat Film Clips

Giordana Marengo in The Lying Life of Adults Film Clips

Elizabeth Olsen in Love and Death Film Clips

Margherita Aresti in Noi Siamo Leggenda Film Clips

Noemi Merlant in Baby Ruby Film Clips

Mia Goth in Infinity Pool Film Clips

Sarah Shahi in Sex/Life Film Clips

Amandla Stenberg in My Animal Film Clips

Barbara Branco in Crime do Padre Amaro Film Clips

Zoe Lister-Jones in Slip Film Clips

Giovanna Lancellotti in Burning Betrayal Film Clips

Florence Pugh in Oppenheimer Film Clips

Parker Posey in Beau is Afraid
Film Clips

Heather Graham in Suitable Flesh
Film Clips

Saoirse Ronan in Foe Film Clips

Alyson Gorske in Obliterated Film Clips

Betty Gilpin in Three Women
Film Clips

Shailene Woodley in Three Women Film Clips

Lily-Rose Depp in The Idol Film Clips

Virginie Efira in Other People's Children Film Clips

Ana Girardot in La Maison Film Clips

Shelley Hennig in Obliterated Film Clips

Alison Brie in Somebody I Used to Know
Film Clips

Emma Stone in Poor Things Film Clips

Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings Film Clips

The polls have been running since the end of 1999, but the site started in November of 1995 and has been updated every single day since, so we added those four additional years with "retro" polls to complete the Scoopy Era. For the purpose of further studies and comparisons, see the 29-year summary of the top tens, or simply search a name or title from the whole collection.

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