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In late December,  2001, Uncle Scoopy's Fun House ran a members poll to select the best nude movie performances among the Year 2001 releases. The competition was open to theatrical films, TV films, cable films, made-for-video movies, and foreign films without United States releases. Here, for your delectation, the members present the Scoopies, our equivalent of the Oscars for the best screen nudity of the year 2001. These were the top eleven choices, ordered by the poll results, with next eleven listed as honorable mentions at the end.
11. Nicole Kidman in "Moulin Rouge"

There's nothing more than an brief escape from one of Nicole's nipples, but ...

  • It's an awarded film
  • It's beautifully photographed.
  • She's faking sexual excitement - hilariously.
  • Hey, it's Nicole Kidman.


10. Kari Wuhrer in "Poison"

I guess we have to consider this position to be a Lifetime Achievement Award rather than votes for this particular film.

This appearance was not particularly impressive in either duration or exposure, especially in the context of Kari's career 

But what a career it has been.

9. Daryl Hannah in "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"

41 years old, with about fifty movie credits on her resumé, Daryl is the elder stateswoman on this year's list.

She has been around for so many years that it seems difficult to believe that she could still look this good.

It has been nearly 20 years since she did her first nude scene in "Summer Lovers", and she's probably in better shape now than she was then.

8. Monica Bellucci in "Malena"

Is it possible to construct a sentence about Monica without using the word "awesome"?

Although released in Europe in 2000, this film did not reach North American eyes until 2001. It was worth the wait. Not only does it include beautiful images of Monica, dressed and undressed, it also happens to be an outstanding film, as if Monica weren't reason enough to see it.

7. Angelina Jolie in "Original Sin"

Possessing a rare combination of genuine acting skills, beauty,  and free-spirited individuality, Jolie continues to provide us with great entertainment on and off the screen.

According to the critics, Angelina's nudity must have provided the only worthwhile moments in this unnecessary remake of "Mississippi Mermaid", Truffaut's tribute to Hitchcock.

6. Rachel Miner in "Bully"

She was only 17 was she became Mrs Macaulay Culkin, and she was still a teenager when they parted.

Luckily for us, she  got tired of staying Home Alone, and allowed us a look at the body once reserved for Richie Rich's eyes only.

5. Piper Perabo in "Lost and Delirious"

The New Jersey native made her screen nudity debut in grand fashion, with a top five finish.

The film was praised by several critics, Ms. Perabo's performance was widely lauded, and her lesbian scene with Jessica Paré won the universal admiration of male viewers everywhere.

4. Leelee Sobieski in "Uprising"

If one looks at it objectively, there isn't much showing in this scene, but Leelee, never having done a nude scene before, took off her clothes in network prime time for this moving and elaborate interpretation of the 1943 uprising against the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto.

3. Laura Linney in "Maze"

A Julliard graduate and a former Best Actress nominee, Laura had just about caused us to abandon hope of a nude scene. Before her 35th birthday, she had never done a movie nude scene of any kind, not even a brief topless flash.

Surprise. In addition to her appearance in "Maze", she also did a nude scene this year in the cable TV series, "Armistead Maupin's Further Tales of the City"

2. Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball"

If 2000 was the year of Katie Holmes (first place) and Jennifer Connelly (two in the top ten), 2001 proved to be the year when Halle Berry provided a full eclipse of their achievements. It's a clean sweep for Halle this year, not only two spots in the top ten, but the top two.

This particular one became more famous for the footage left on the cutting room floor, but we'll have to hope that footage is restored for the DVD. 

1. Halle Berry in "Swordfish"

It was beautifully lit and photographed, but it was, after all, only a brief, casual look at a topless woman sitting in a lounge chair.

Of course, it was a famous, very beautiful topless woman, one who had never clearly exposed her breasts in public before, and one who had allegedly been paid a lot of extra money to expose them in this scene, our 2001 winner.

Honorable mention:

12.  Charlotte Ayanna, "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"

13. (tie)  Lisa Arturo and Denise Faye, "American Pie 2"; Cerina Vincent, "Not Another Teen Movie";  Izabella Miko, "The Forsaken" 

16. Alisha Klass, "The Center of the World"

17. Naomi Watts, "Mulholland Drive" 

18. Tara Subkoff, "Teenage Caveman" 

19. Bijou Phillips, "Bully"

20. (tie) Laura Harring, "Mulholland Drive"; Sandra Oh, "Dancing at the Blue Iguana"; Lorissa McComas, "Hard as Nails"



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