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In December of each year, the Fun House runs a members' poll to select the best nude performances among that year's releases.

This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2006, or nude scenes not eligible before 2006. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude scenes of 2006.


Chelan Simmons in Final Destination 3

Chelan and Crystal Lowe played two undressed but well-tanned victims in this entertaining "teen death" genre film about the inevitability of fate, in which every death results from a complicated Rube Goldberg concatenation of events.

In this and all succeeding selections, the "clip" and "capture" links below lead to zip files hosted at Rapidshare for free download. Download, unzip, and enjoy!


Jacqueline Quinones in Hard Luck

In all the years that we have been doing this poll, I think that I have always voted with the majority. This year I didn't even come close. Jacqueline's performance in this obscure straight-to-video release was the one that did it for me. I picked this as #1, just because it was my personal favorite. She was naked several times, and exhibited lot of attitude

... and ya gotta love that booty.


Jolene Blalock in Slow Burn

Is there anything which warms the cockles of a computer geek's heart more than a naked Star Trek babe?

Commander T'Pol definitely fired up some cockles this year.


Tara Fitzgerald in In a Dark Place

Tara seems to get naked in every movie, most famously a full frontal in the Holy Grail of celebrity nudity, Sirens.

The only naked body parts on display in this scene are Tara's breasts, but it's a genuinely hot scene. It's amazing how convincingly an excellent professional actress can masturbate on camera.


Annabeth Gish in Brotherhood (TV)

Having furnished nary a glimpse of her flesh in two decades on screen, Annabeth had a reputation as a bit of a prig, but she shattered that impression with three sexy scenes in the first three episodes of Brotherhood. She smoked some dope, talked some trash, showed her nice large breasts, and flashed an excellent behind.


Barbara Nedjelakova in Hostel

Eli Roth knows how to deliver a genre film - with all the guilty pleasures necessary to satisfy our lurid cravings. Rod Serling meets Larry Flynt. Hostel has a solid story, creepy violence, and lots of bare breasts, featuring the impressive pair of Ms. Nedjelakova.


Katherine Heigl in Side Effects

The voters who singled out this scene could not have been voting for the scene itself, which just consists of a couple of fleeting frames of the side of a breast - with the nipple barely visible! Everything there was to see is right there to the right.

The votes were obviously cast for the gorgeous and curvy Ms. Heigl herself.

Nothing wrong with that.


Kate Winslet in Little Children

This is the fourth time Kate has made the list in the eight years it has been in existence. She previously made the top twenty for Holy Smoke, Quills, and Iris. She would have made it several more times if this tradition had begun earlier. She probably would have won outright for her full-frontal in Jude, and she also did some attractive nudity in Titanic, Heavenly Creatures, and Hideous Kinky.

Sadly for us, she has announced publicly that she is now at or near the end of the naked portion of her outstanding film career.


Sophia Myles in Art School Confidential

Sophia plays the ostensibly unattainable object of desire for the stereotypical sincere hero in this dark and deeply cynical (but often very funny) film which not only lampoons the art world, but also takes on every cliché of the coming-of-age movie.


Anapola Mushkadiz in Battle in Heaven

Mushkadiz had never acted before her appearance in this Mexican art film, and was selected on the basic of open auditions.

Her rather demanding film debut required her to have unsimulated intercourse and to perform fellatio on screen - and with a rather unattractive fellow at that.


Jennifer Aniston in The Break-Up

This is an excellent illustration of how to create a sexy scene with suggestion rather than explicitness. Aniston shows only a little bit of forbidden flesh, but what she does show looks outstanding, and the way she wiggles it is tantalizing.

And she's Jennifer Aniston, dammit. Tanned, toned, and the girl next door for ten years of our lives.


Robin Tunney in Open Window

Robin seems to have dedicated her life to proving that freckled girl-next-door types can be profoundly sexy. Unfortunately, her nudity in this film is more tragic than arousing.


Sharon Stone in  Basic Instinct 2

We are not recommending this unrated DVD. This position  has nothing to do with the fact that the lead actress is in her late forties, or that the film is mediocre at best.  In fact, Sharon looked great, and the film is surprisingly watchable in a train wreck kind of way.

The real reason is that many sexy outtakes and deleted scenes which appeared on the internet are not on the DVD, despite the fact that the disk is supposed to be unrated, and includes ten different deleted scenes (with virtually no nudity.) It's obvious that there will be another DVD coming along with more footage, and we suggest you wait for it.


Sook Yin Lee in Shortbus

Eight years of experience with these polls has demonstrated that they are extremely biased toward familiar names, especially those famous actresses who have rarely or never appeared naked. Given that fact, you can assume that the obscure Sook Yin Lee went the extra mile to finish seventh.

Indeed she did. If the voting could somehow objectively reflect the sex scene itself, without consideration for the fame or popularity of the actress performing it, this film might well have taken the #1 spot.


Sarah Polley in The Secret Life of Words

This high ranking is really just our voters' tribute to Sarah's popularity, because the scene is just a brief and tearful topless appearance in the dark, and her body is covered with scars. It isn't really sexy.

Sarah is beautiful, she has a much larger chest than one would imagine, and she's in demand. Given those facts, there is probably a very good chance she could win the #1 spot in the next few years if she does a nude scene in clear light.



Lauren Lee Smith in Lie With Me

Lauren rose from virtual obscurity to become the Mistress of all Media in the 2006 nudity competition. In addition to this top five finish for her explicit scenes in Lie With Me,  she appeared topless on the popular cable series, The L Word.

Tuna is our expert in sexually-oriented material, and he gave this film a thumb up.


Maggie Gyllenhaal in Sherrybaby

As strong a presence as she has been in the acting world, Maggie has made an even more impressive contribution to screen nudity. This is her third appearance on the list in the past six years, following  top ten finishes for full frontal nudity in 2002 and 2004 in Secretary and Strip Search respectively.

Let's wish her a healthy baby and hope she resumes her naked ways after her pregnancy! 


Brittany Daniel in Rampage

Trim, athletic Brittany has waited a long time before doing her first nude scene, but the #3 ranking means that our voters feel that she was worth the wait, even if the film was not. (It's rated in the threes at IMDb.)

She illustrates that the combination of nudity and physical fitness make a beautiful addition to a film.



Salma Hayek in Ask the Dust

This is the second time Salma has finished second in the annual poll. In 2002, her nudity in Frida brought her very close to overcoming Heather Graham's efforts in Killing Me Softly.

It seems inconceivable, but Salma is 40 years old! If she has changed at all since she first caught our attention in Desperado, it is for the better. How long can she keep getting more beautiful?



Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page

After eight years of polls, this was the first year in which we had a real horserace, with Gretchen crossing the finish line just ahead of Salma.

That's deceptive, however. Ask the Dust placed high only because it features Salma Hayek stark naked. The scenes are actually too dark. On the other hand, the photography in Bettie Page is gorgeous, the lighting is perfect, the film is rated a respectable 6.8 at IMDb, and beautiful Gretchen is as naked as can be.

The planets aligned on this one, and that's what we call a worthy champion!!


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