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This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2010, or other nude scenes not eligible before 2010. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude performances of 2010.


This was the first time we ever had a tie. Of course I kinda forced that. The top two see-sawed for hours, and the balloting has no particular official closing point, so when it was late in the action and I noticed them tied, I shut down the poll! Hey, there's no claim to scientific validity! I guess I could have waited for the next vote to come in and declared a winner, but this result seems more fitting since neither star ever led the other by more than a couple of votes.

The return of star-powered nudity:

It's a pleasure to see that some of these scenes involved big stars in films which were released theatrically. The last few years have been dominated by cable films, foreign films never released in America, direct-to-vids, and miscellaneous offerings. The few theatrical releases to creep onto the list featured older women or actresses who were previously unknown to us. Last year there was not a single major star who did award-winning nudity in a theatrical release. The highest placement by a name star in a 2009 theatrical film was Anne Heche in Spread, but even that is a stretch, because Anne is not an A-list star, that was a limited release movie, and the scene was a distant also-ran in the poll.

That all changed in 2010.

This year the co-winners (Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway) were familiar names appearing in theatrical films from big-time directors. And those two were not alone. Other established Hollywood stars appeared on the list, including Kirsten Dunst and Christina Ricci.

While theatrical nudity was making a solid comeback, the cable shows were turning out some of the best nudity in ages. Three new cable shows offered spectacular frontal nudity: Spartacus, Look, and Boardwalk Empire. There were also great nude scenes on some old favorites like Hung, Weeds, Entourage, True Blood and Californication.


Honorable mention:

Here are some items of special interest, even though the performances in question missed the top 25. I thought there would be more enthusiasm for these three:


Rinko Kikuchi in Map of the Sounds of Tokyo

(5.8 at IMDb)

You probably remember her as the Asian girl from Babel. Hot stuff.



Greta Gerwig in Greenberg

(6.4 at IMDb)

Greta, long known as the muse of mumblecore, made the leap to establishment filmmaking in 2010 with this appearance in a Noah Baumbach film co-written by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

She made her mainstream debut with Ben Stiller chewing on her coochie!



Christy Carlson Romano in Mirrors 2

(4.7 at IMDb)

The former Disney girl made a bold move to show she was fit for adult roles.

I'd say she's quite fit in general!






The Winners



Violante Placido in The American

(6.6 at IMDb)

I thought this scene would place higher. Gorgeous woman in a George Clooney film ...

OK, not a good George Clooney film, but still ...


Serena Scott-Thomas in Brothel

(4.5 at IMDb)

I have to admit that I was surprised by the support for this entry. It's an obscure and unappreciated 2008 film not previously seen by us. The star is in her late forties and is most noteworthy as the sister of somebody famous.

Oh, well! She got the votes so, as Dick Tuck once said, "The people have spoken, the bastards."


Naomi Watts in Mother and Child

(7.2 at IMDb)

You have to appreciate it any time a star on or close to the A-list does full-frontal nudity.

Naomi is over 40 now, but still looks great.


Mena Suvari in The Garden of Eden

(5.3 at IMDb)

The little American Pie cheerleader kinda sorta faded away for a while and has not really made it back into significant theatrical films yet, but she has turned in some good performances and some great nudity on the festival/arthouse circuit in recent years.

She's still only 31, and has plenty of time to get back to the big show. In the meantime, she is always popular on our pages!


Diane Kruger in Inhale

(6.9 at IMDb)

You remember her. In Troy she was the face that launched a thousand ships, and burnt the topless towers of Ileum.

Inhale is a very serious drama and this scene was about as non-erotic as nudity can be, but I think we can pause for a second to look at the still picture which, removed from its depressing context, can still launch a ship or two.


Sharon Hinnendael on Look

(season 1)

I haven't seen this show and I don't really know who she is or much about her, other than that she has the dubious distinction of being arguably the most famous actress ever to come out of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

But what I see here, I like a lot!

And this is but a tiny sampling of the nudity she did on this show.


Paz de la Huerta in Enter the Void

(7.3 at IMDb)

If you're an artsy-fartsy avant-garde filmmaker and you want a recognizable woman to be filmed in some kinky sex or nudity, I think you'll find that Paz will probably do the scene as long as your check clears. Her nudity in this film was extraordinary. If Scarlett Johansson had done this role, the internet would have collapsed.



Katrina Law on Spartacus: Blood and Sand

(season 1)

Spartacus is my kind of TV series. It's filled with stylized violence, crazy plot twists, scheming villains, outrageous revenge schemes, men trying to bear adversity with honor, and full frontal female nudity.

What else is there?


Gretchen Mol on Boardwalk Empire

(season 1)

She's a former winner and a perennial contender in our annual lists. Given that she plays a grandmother in this show, I'd have to say that she is the ultimate GILF.


Sasha Grey on Entourage

(season 7)

I'm surprised that there were so many votes for this scene, given that Sasha is a porn star. Let's face it, anybody who wants to see any part of her body has seen it already. I guess the voters evaluated her Entourage nude scenes on their objective merit, which was substantial, as you can see to the right.

I can relate to that. I didn't know who she was until I looked her up after seeing her on Entourage, so I was unbiased, and I thought the scenes were great.


Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice Creed

(6.8 at IMDb)

Gemma is a real free spirit. As a Bond girl and  a co-star in big budget films, she certainly doesn't need roles like the one in this no-budget thriller, in which she got thrown around while naked and bound

But she pursued this role. She read the script and believed in the project.

We approve.


Jessica Pare in Hot Tub Time Machine

(6.7 at IMDb)

Jessica was the comeback girl of the year. Almost a decade ago, her name was on the tips of our tongues when she did the whole lesbian thing with Piper Perabo in Lost and Delirious. That scene finished fifth in our 2001 poll. She landed a WB series in 2004, but it lasted only one season. After that she wasn't seen for years. I had forgotten about her until she popped out of the hot tub in the scene to the right, and even then I didn't know who she was until I perused the credits. I guess I should have remembered that great chest.

Now, all of a sudden, she's on Mad Men receiving a marriage proposal from America's favorite handsome rogue, Don Draper!


Addison Timlin on Californication

(season 4 preview)

You have to think she has a career and a half ahead of her. She's only 19 and, as she herself says in the episode pictured to the right, she has great boobs.


Anna Paquin on True Blood

(season 3)

A screen nudity virgin just three years ago, Anna is now the Ol' Man River of TV nudity. Her nude performances as Sookie Stackhouse have made our annual list three years running, including a first place and a close second. She's the only actress to appear on the lists in all three years. (Mena Suvari just missed, as The Mysteries of Pittsburgh was just a hair short of the top 20 last year.)



Tilda Swinton in I Am Love

(7.1 at IMDb)

She's 50 years old and one of the world's most respected actresses. Since she's so talented and experienced and marches to a different drummer, you might say she's the female equivalent of Daniel Day-Lewis. Yet despite her stellar reputation, she had absolutely no problem doing close-up crotch shots in this film.

Ya gotta love Tilda.


Rebecca Creskoff on Hung

(season 2)

Rebecca must be a pretty damned good actress, because she's the villainess in this show and every time I see her, I want to slap her silly. She's so arrogant and slimy she makes James Spader and Ron Silver seem like the Bobbsy Twins.

In this scene, however, I might have had some other thoughts before wanting to slap her silly.


Elena Anaya in Room in Rome

(shared with Natasha Yarovenko)

(5.9 at IMDb)

The scene I vote for rarely wins these polls. This was my choice this year, and I never considered voting for anything else. Between these two women, they must have provided the most total bare female flesh in a single non-porn film since Emmanuelle Beart in La Belle Noiseuse in 1991.

I don't even know if Elena Anaya owns any clothing. She started doing nude scenes in 1996 and has done about one per year since. In terms of total running time spent naked, Anaya may be the only actress capable of approaching Beart's lifetime nudity record.



Christina Ricci in After.Life

(6.1 at IMDb)

This could easily have won the poll. Christina Ricci is a two-time winner in our annual polls, and the nudity in this film is better than in either of her winning entries.

I think it was a matter of timing. We first saw this in April, and it wasn't fresh in our memories at voting time. If this had come out in December, I believe it would have won.



Emmy Rossum on Shameless

(season 1 preview)

I believe that the child actress has grown up. When she was a girl she played a young Audrey Hepburn, but she could no longer assay that flat-chested role.



Kelly Brook in Piranha 3D

(assist to Riley Steele)

(6.2 at IMDb)

Kelly Brook is absolutely gorgeous and stacked, and in this film she just swam around naked while the camera captured her in real time.

That's B movie making at its finest!


Viva Bianca on Spartacus: Blood and Sand

(season 1)

In this series, Viva played the spoiled bad girl you love to hate. When she wasn't seducing someone as part of a dastardly scheme, she was getting the tables turned on her by one of the other conniving characters. No matter which way the tide was turning, she always seemed to end up stark naked.



Paz de la Huerta on Boardwalk Empire

(season 1)

What more can you say about Paz? She placed two entries on this year's list, after finishing eighth last year. The woman is the current go-to gal when filmmakers need a hot babe to provide full frontal and rear nudity. The scene pictured here represented only a small fraction of the nudity she brought to season one of the Scorsese-produced Boardwalk Empire.



Kirsten Dunst in All Good Things

(6.4 at IMDb)

We had seen Kiki's breasts before in paparazzi shots, but this was the first time she bared them on screen. And they looked mah-velous!


Mary-Louise Parker on Weeds

(season 6)

She's 46 now but, in my opinion, Mary-Louise looks better now than she did when she was young. Her ongoing commitment to bare flesh makes her a nudity hall of famer in our book.

She only did one nude scene on Weeds this year, but it was a doozy - a hot sex scene with ol' Zack "Preppie" Morris from Saved by the Bell!




Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs

(6.6 at IMDb)

She now joins Christina Ricci as the only two-time winners of our annual poll. She also won for Havoc in 2005, a year when she had two films on the list. (Brokeback Mountain was the other.)


Amanda Seyfried in Chloe

(assist to Julianne Moore)

(6.5 at IMDb)

Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore provided some A-list lesbotronics in the latest film from Canadian arthouse hot-shot Atom Egoyan.


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