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In December of each year, the Fun House runs a members' poll to select the best nude performances among that year's releases.

This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2008, or nude scenes not eligible before 2008. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude performances of 2008.


The previous year, 2007, had been quite a good year for filmed nudity, but 2008 was not. Two observations will stand out if you peruse the lists below:

1. There is barely a pubic hair to be seen among the top finishers. Milla Jovovich's lower body exposure scene in .45, brief though it is, is not even really from 2008. It was actually filmed more than two years ago. Kate Groombridge's scene in Virgin Territory is a great one, but is actually from the deleted scenes on the DVD. Cassandra Hepburn played a minor character in a B movie. Lust, Caution was technically a 2007 film since it had a brief release during Christmas week to establish Oscar eligibility last year. Given all those disclaimers, you could fairly argue that there were no significant actresses to perform frontal nudity in 2008. Even Kate Winslet kept her crotch off-camera!

2. As grim as the situation was in general, it would be far worse if the television stars were removed from the list. Three of the top seven finishers (Anna Paquin, Lizzy Caplan, and Mary-Louise Parker) earned their places with nudity in a TV series. Three others (Mischa Barton, Eliza Dushku, and Danneel Harris) are TV stars who did nude scenes in obscure movies which never received any significant theatrical distribution. That leaves Marisa Tomei alone among the top seven as the only movie star performing in a theatrical movie.



Amy Smart in Mirrors

(6.2 at IMDb)

We've been waiting for this cute actress to do another worthwhile nude scene since Road Trip, and she finally delivered the goods, including the rear view for the first time.


Angelina Jolie in Wanted

(7.0 at IMDb)

Speaking of rear views, here's one of the most famous in the world, complete with tats.


Cassandra Hepburn in Hell Ride

(5.3 at IMDb)

Did you like the biker films from the drive-in era of the late sixties and early seventies? If so, this is the film for you! It has everything they had back then (including the same cast, now elderly), plus more graphic nudity and violence. The scene itself is a good one and would have placed higher had the film or the actress been better known.


Cynthia Nixon in Sex and the City

(5.4 at IMDb)

This vaginocentric flick became event viewing for female viewers in the early summer, kind of the distaff equivalent of a fan-boy flick. For a film which had no designs on male audiences, it offered a damned good collection of female body parts, including a sex scene from Cynthia Nixon, who proved to be a very youthful 42.


Milla Jovovich in .45

(5.5 at IMDb)

This film was lensed years ago, but languished in distribution limbo and finally made it onto our radar this year. Milla looks great, as always, and even offered a quick frontal flash.


Winona Ryder in Sex and Death 101

(6.2 at IMDb)

Unlike some of her co-stars (see Sophie Monk immediately below), Noni did not provide substantial nudity in this film. Her appearance on this list is attributable to the fact that she's internationally famous and had never shown anything clearly before. She flashed just enough in this scene to attract the attention of voters who have been waiting a long time to get a look at her flesh.


Sophie Monk in Sex and Death 101

(6.2 at IMDb)


Nice body. Nice nude scene. Not a bad movie. (See the review below.)


Jess Weixler in Teeth

(5.9 on IMDb)

What a cutie! Jess looks like a younger, less busty version of Heather Graham, and the film is an offbeat little gem. Teeth is a horror/comedy film about the ancient myth of vagina dentata, which would be a coochie with razor-sharp teeth that destroy anything which attempts to pass through.


Kate Winslet in The Reader

(8.1 on IMDb)

It seemed that Kate's nudity career had ended when she announced as much about a year ago, but she once again gave it up when art beckoned.

Although Kate has never appeared near the top of our annual list, she has appeared on the list more than any other actress:

  • 1999- 14th for Holy Smoke

  • 2000 - 12th for Quills

  • 2002 - 10th for Iris

  • 2006 - 13th for Little Children

  • 2008- 13th for The Reader



Marisol Nichols in Felon

(7.9 at IMDb)

This represents a first look at the popular TV actress without her clothing. The film went more or less straight to DVD with only a perfunctory limited release, but is rated surprisingly high at IMDb and has garnered more than 10,000 votes!


Neve Campbell in I Really Hate My Job

(5.3 at IMDb)

Exposing both T and the ever-popular A, Neve makes her second appearance on the list, following her 4th-place finish in 2004 for When Will I Be Loved?


Penelope Cruz in Elegy

(7.0 at IMDb)

Penny and Gandhi ... together at last. In this lugubrious drama, Cruz has some sex scenes with Sir Ben Kingsley.

The sensuous seņorita still looks as spectacular as she did when she did her first nude scenes in the early 90s, and she still looks young enough to be playing a grad student in this film.


Teresa Palmer in Restraint

(6.1 at IMDb)

Restraint is a pretty nifty little erotic thriller from Down Under about an ostensibly helpless hostage who seems to turn the tables on his captors.

The script is OK, but the highlight of the viewing experience is definitely Ms. Palmer naked.



Zoe Kazan in Revolutionary Road

(8.0 at IMDb)

The popularity of this scene is a bit mystifying. Although Zoe is the granddaughter of the legendary Elia Kazan, I never heard of her until about a week before this poll was conducted. Moreover, she shows only her breasts, and her flash is so brief that it's barely noticeable without the freeze frame.

She is adorable and busty, however, and I guess our voters took note of that.



Wei Tang in Lust, Caution

(8.1 at IMDb)

Director Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger) always delivers a film which looks beautiful, and this deliberate, NC-17 thriller is no exception.


Kate Groombridge in Virgin Territory

(5.0 at IMDb)

The full frontal portion of the scene to the right was actually cut from the film, in which Kate shows only her breasts and buns. The reason? No, not prudish censors, but the fact that the Groombridge grooming seemed a tad inappropriate for the 14th century, which is when the Boccaccio-type story took place.

The scene is included in the DVD special features, and is also seen in the "film clips" link below.


Anna Faris in The House Bunny

(5.6 at IMDb)

Anna demonstrated that she not only has great comic chops, but one helluva firm rump as well.


Laetitia Casta in Born in '68

(6.2 at IMDb)

What can you say. I don't know anyone who has seen this film except Charlie, but even the vague scent of a nude scene from the curvy La Casta gets her on our lists! OK by me.



Mena Suvari in Stuck

(6.9 at IMDb)

After her promising start in American Beauty, Mena's career path took some detours, but she has found her way back onto the radar in the past year or so, and Stuck represented a solid comeback role.


Danneel Harris in Ten Inch Hero

(8.0 at IMDb)

When an relatively unknown actress makes the top ten list in an obscure movie, you know it has to be because of some good nudity!

As for the movie, I haven't seen it yet, but an 8.0 at IMDb is impressive enough to get my attention.



Mischa Barton in Closing the Ring

(6.8 at IMDb)

Mischa provided lovely T&A for this old-fashioned romance from 84-year-old Richard Attenborough, who began his film career in 1942!



Mary-Louise Parker on Weeds

Season 4, episode 13

(8.7 at IMDb)


The best nudity came in the final episode of the latest season of Weeds, but Mary-Louise had already turned us on in an earlier episode when she received a vigorous spanking at the hands of her Mexican crime boss turned boyfriend, photographed in such a way to assure that it was not faked.

She's one of those rare humans who get hotter and more beautiful as they age.



Lizzy Caplan in True Blood

Season 1, Various Episodes

What could words add to the picture to the right?




Eliza Dushku in The Alphabet Killer

(5.9 at IMDB)

Like many of the women who appear in these annual lists, Dushku is an actress who grew up before our eyes and has not previously done a nude scene.



Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

(8.8 at IMDb)

It's official. Marisa Tomei is now a screen nudity goddess. For umpteen years we never saw her flesh. Now she has finished second in our poll two years in a row, and she looks great at 44 years old.

She should have been naked in every movie.

And for that matter, also when she was not in a movie.



Anna Paquin in True Blood

Season 1, Various Episodes

(Not rated at IMDb)

The sure-fire formula for victory: a girl who grew up before our eyes doing her first nude scene. Anna met the qualifications, and looked terrific doing so.



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