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This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2012, or other nude scenes not eligible before 2012. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude performances of 2012.

The linked film clips are hosted at various places this year, and occupy more than a gig of storage space.


Theatrical movies took back the top places from the cable group this year. Of the top 14 nude performances, 13 came from movies. Some of the nudest cable shows were shut out, or nearly so, and the six TV shows that did make the list mostly finished in the bottom third of the balloting. It's not that the cable shows became tamer, but rather that they lacked star power in their nude scenes while the movie group was filled with familiar faces, many of whom were making their nude debuts, like the top two finishers (Sarah Silverman and Olivia Munn).



Clémence Poesy in Hopper vu par

short art project

Here's a tip for your future art projects: get one of France's sexiest young actresses to stand stark naked in front of an open window for a few minutes.

"And then what?" you wonder.

Does it matter?

You probably know her best from the Harry Potter series, but you can also see Clemence naked in The Silence of Joan, Sans moi, Bienvenue chez les Rozes and Olga's Sommer.

Natalie Dormer in Game of Thrones

season two

Hey - isn't that Anne Boleyn?

Natalie broke through as Henry VIII's most famous wife in The Tudors. She was also a topless brunette in that role, but I liked her better as a topless (and bottomless) blond in The Fades.

Film Clips    

Meg Chambers Steedle in Boardwalk Empire

season three

The 2008 Northwestern grad sang, danced and got nekkid as Nucky's bubbly showbiz mistress in the latest season's adventures in Atlantic City's Prohibition-era underworld.

(Spoiler alert). Sadly, her fate was sealed in season three and the character can't be coming back for season four.

Hannah Ware in Boss

season two

Hannah plays Kelsey Grammer's estranged and troubled daughter on Boss. Boss was cancelled after a second season that averaged less than 400,000 viewers per episode. The producers have said that there may or may not be a two-hour movie to wrap up the loose plot threads.

Which means we may or may not get another look.

Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds

season eight (final season)

After a glorious career filled with some beautiful nudity, especially her full frontal and rear exposure in Angels in America (which made our 2003 list), Mary-Louise is still incredibly hot at 48.

In the final season of Weeds she performed this graceful and sexy skinny dip which left nothing to the imagination.

Adeline Rebeillard in Sexual Chronicles of a French Family

5.2 at IMDB

Variety said: "The superficial provocation offers diverting date-night fare for open-minded heterosexual couples and swingers, though its superiority (artistic or otherwise) to actual porn is debatable. The style is Dogma-esque but the content closer to Zalman King, with softcore titillation pretty much the entire agenda."

I have nothing to add other than to note that the film's level of explicitness often moves closer to hardcore than soft.

Sophie Rundle in Episodes

season two

Episodes, the show which stars Matt LeBlanc as a comedically fictionalized version of Matt LeBlanc, has featured female nudity in only one episode, in which Sophie played a LeBlanc stalker called "Labia."

If they had to limit exposed flesh to only one cast member, I have to say that they made a great choice. Sophie's career has so far been limited to brief appearances in a few TV episodes, but you have to give props to that spectacular natural chest!


Jessica Marais in Magic City

season one

Before she was cast as the philandering trophy wife of an incredibly evil mob boss played by Danny Huston on Magic City, red-hot Jessica was largely unknown to international audiences. She had spent the previous five years on an Aussie TV show called Packed to the Rafters.

She just gave birth to her first child in May!

Film Clips  

Piper Perabo in Looper

7.8 at IMDB

After her acting and singing debut in Coyote Ugly, she was nominated for several awards which marked her as a favorite female newcomer in 2000, but her career languished for about a decade before she secured a 2010 Golden Globe nomination for her role in "Covert Affairs."

Even with that nomination, she still seems like someone whose career has amounted to less than expected or deserved.


Juno Temple in Killer Joe

6.9 at IMDB

Killer Joe is one seriously twisted-ass redneck movie filled with despicable characters and operatic violence, but Juno at least gives the viewer somebody in the film who seems like a decent, if damaged, human being.

And she also looks mighty good nekkid.


Ashley Hinshaw in About Cherry

4.7 at IMDB

I never heard of the beautiful, young, blue-eyed blonde before her performance in Chronicle this year, but she's older than she looks (24) and  seems to be well on her way toward fame. She has five IMDb credits in 2012, and four more in the pipeline for 2013.

It's probably safe to say that she won't need to buy a bus ticket back to Indiana.

Jessica Chastain in Lawless

7.4 at IMDB

I gotta be honest here. This scene is so dark you can barely tell that she's naked. So why did it place so high?

Because it's Jessica Effin' Chastain, who is well on her way to the A-list as a performer (as I write this, she's a front runner for the 2012 Best Actress Oscar) and who, by the way, also happens to be gorgeous.

Michelle Williams in Take This Waltz

6.5 at IMDB

I think it is fair to say that this performance probably should have won. Look at the first place winner below. This performance takes place in the same movie, involves a woman who has a much sexier body, and shows more flesh for a longer duration. Objectively, this is a better scene than the winner!

What went against Michelle is that she has done nude scenes before, while Sarah Silverman had not, and our poll does not reflect the best scene as much as it reflects the one people most wanted to see. Like zombies, we crave fresh flesh.


Camilla Luddington in Californication

season five

This was the leading vote getter among the television series performances, and although it consists of a good series of scenes, its top placement was kind of a surprise because Spartacus, Game of Thrones and True Blood had some excellent nude scenes in 2012.

Surprisingly, True Blood and Spartacus were shut out in the balloting, while Game of Thrones barely snuck one scene into 19th place.


Dreama Walker in Compliance

6.7 at IMDB

Compliance is a difficult movie to watch. It involves an attractive young fast food employee (Dreama, of course) who is forced to submit to an invasive strip search based on an anonymous phone call from an alleged police officer to the store's shift supervisor.

It sounds improbable? Maybe so, but it is based on an actual incident and stays fairly close to the facts of the case!


Laura Prepon in Lay the Favorite

4.7 at IMDB

Prepon has a minor role in this film and her nudity consists solely of some brief topless sunbathing.

Why did she finish so high? Men have been waiting to see those sweater-stuffers a long time, since an 18-year-old Prepon started playing Donna on That '70s Show. That's nearly a decade and a half.

It was worth the wait.


Ali Cobrin in American Reunion

6.9 at IMDB

A great raunchy scene, as we've come to expect from this popular series of films.

A popular internet debate: Which older celeb does Ali most resemble? The most frequently mentioned choices are Marisa Tomei, Rose Byrne, Mia Kirshner and Michelle Borth.

I'm not sure it matters. One thing is certain: she's gorgeous.


Kristen Stewart in On The Road

6.3 at IMDB

We've been waiting for this nudity since K-Stew became a major pop culture figure from the sparkly vampire movies, but did you know that she has been appearing in movies since she was 10? Her first appearance was a tiny, uncredited role in the immortal cinema classic, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

Although she has been in films for more than a decade, she's still only 22. Does that mean we can look forward to a lot more nudity? Maybe not. She's a complicated and shy person who frequently muses about quitting acting altogether.


Nadine Velazquez in Flight

7.6 at IMDB

Gorgeous woman. Spectacular nudity.

And best of all - totally gratuitous! Given that it is not necessary to the plot of the film, it is there entirely for the purpose of titillation.

Color me titillated.
Film Clips (Low res)


Helen Hunt in The Sessions

7.5 at IMDB

Helen did some spectacular nudity way back in 1992 in The Waterdance, when she was still in her twenties. She then waited twenty years before making the same kind of commitment again. Coincidentally, in both cases she was having sex with a man with some kind of significant physical impairment.

Looking back:

Given her talent, looks, and willingness to commit to a role, and given her natural appeal on camera, I wonder if she might have become an A-list movie star if she hadn't decided to commit eight years of her life to a sitcom.


  Olivia Munn in Magic Mike

6.2 at IMDB

Before she showed any flesh, Olivia was already on the radar as one of the sexiest women on the planet. Maxim magazine rated her eighth on its 2010 list of the 100 sexiest women, then bumped her up to #2 in 2011. She's also well known as a comedian and computer geek.

Is it any surprise that her first exposure send her rocketing toward the top of our annual balloting?


Sarah Silverman in Take This Waltz

6.5 at IMDB

There is a formula which can predict a high finish in our annual balloting.

Find an attractive female celebrity from North America who has been immensely popular in the pop culture spotlight for a long time, and who shows a lot of flesh for the first time.

The likelihood of placing high in the balloting depends on the combination of these factors: the more attractive the better, the more flesh shown for the first time the better, the more fame the better.

The formula is nearly infallible. Silverman, like many previous winners, fit the profile to a T, as did several others in the top eight. If Silverman had been merely topless while Munn, Prepon, Walker or Stewart had shown it all, then whichever one went full frontal probably would have won. This year: advantage Silverman.


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