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This year's competition was open to films and TV shows which were released in 2013, or other nude scenes not eligible before 2013. On this page Scoop and the members present the poll results, our equivalent of the Oscars, as the top nude performances of 2013.

The linked film clips are hosted at various places this year, and occupy more than a gig of storage space.

Overview of our 15th annual list:

The most salient feature of the 2013 list is that almost none of the best nude scenes were in theatrical films. Rosario Dawson did take the top spot for her daring performance in Trance, but that and Riddick were essentially the only top movies on the entire list. The rest of the scenes came from cable shows, a mini-series, an art project, a music video, and a bunch of non-theatrical and/or sub-6.5 movies.

(The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle came out too late to be considered in the balloting.)


Another interesting feature of this year's list is that it includes many actresses performing their first nude scenes after their 30th birthday: Ivana Milicevic is nearly 40; Shiri Appleby and January Jones are in their mid-30s; Katee Sackhoff, Elisabeth Moss, Kate Bosworth and Gaby Hoffmann are in their early 30s.


It is nice to see that the brief puritanical streak that entered the movie world in 2008 has now run its course. In that year there was not a single significant actress who performed a frontal nudity scene, and barely a crotch to be seen in mainstream films all year.  Our list of top nude performances for 2008 was populated by relatively ordinary topless scenes.

In contrast, Rosario Dawson shaved, stripped stark naked, and allowed herself to be photographed up close and personal in good light in 2013. And Rosario wasn't the only woman getting completely undressed While that may have been the best full-frontal scene of the year, it was by no means the only good one, as seen below.


I expanded the list to 25 scenes this year, simply because that happened to be a spot where there was a nice clear break in the balloting. All of the top 25 scenes received some fairly significant support (six first-place votes or more) while the lower finishers received fewer than five votes. That doesn't mean the lower finishers were weak entries. It was just a highly competitive field. You know it was a strong year because Tuppence Middleton received no votes at all for her appearance in The Look of Love, and that was a fairly strong nude performance.


Thandie Newton in "Rogue"

season one

Thandie had been one of the leading ladies of screen nudity in the late nineties, with a powerful threesome of roles in Gridlock'd, Beseiged and Beloved, but she had shown almost nothing in the decade and a half since - just brief flashes of nipple in The Truth About Charlie and For Colored Girls.

2013 marked her naked comeback with several topless scenes in the DirectTV original series, "Rogue," a dark, gritty look at the members of an Oakland crime family and the undercover cop working to bring them down.

Léa Seydoux in Blue is the Warmest Color

8.1 at IMDb

Blue is the Warmest Color, a lesbian coming-of-age romance adapted from an eponymous French graphic novel, was the unanimous choice for the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 2013.

Per Wikipedia, "It is the first film to have the Palme d'Or awarded to both the director and the lead actresses, with Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos becoming the only women apart from director Jane Campion to have ever won the award."

Kate Bosworth in Big Sur

5.8 at IMDb

Frankly, this is not an especially impressive nude scene, but Kate looks great and it represents our first chance to see Lois Lane the way Superman can see her with his x-ray vision.

We had to wait until she turned 30 for that sight, and we were ready!

Gaby Hoffmann in Crystal Fairy

5.8 at IMDb

You may remember Gaby as a child actress in films like Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck and Sleepless in Seattle, or perhaps from a sitcom called Someone Like Me. You may not remember that her mother is Viva, one of Andy Warhol's proteges at The Factory back in the 1960s.

Gaby took several years off from film acting to get her college degree and to pursue a career in the New York theater scene, but is now 30, and back on the big screen in roles that clearly establish her as an adult.

Gwendoline Taylor in "Spartacus"

final season, "War of the Damned"

The Spartacus series, which was original programming from the Starz network, presented full-frontal nudity and Roman erotic shenanigans from a variety of actors and actresses. This beautiful Kiwi, Gwendoline Taylor, was one of the sexiest.

She has also appeared in some TV series in her native New Zealand, and her next project is a feature film called Someone to Carry Me, also lensed in New Zealand, in which she will play the female lead.

Film Clips    

Rose McGowan in "Wild Rose"

short art project

Rosie, one of the bad-girl indie darlings of the mid 90s, lifted herself into pop culture infamy by wearing virtually nothing to the MTV Awards in 1998. She is forty now, but she certainly has not reduced the amount of flesh she is willing to let the public see, as she was amenable to dance around her L.A. house stark naked for a portrait by photographer Marlene Marino, who captured Rose for the latest issue of a lifestyle title named Apartamento.

Katee Sackhoff in Riddick

6.5 at IMDb

In addition to her starring role on TV's "Longmire," Katee has carved out a niche for herself as one of the major female players of sci-fi.

She got interested in the genre when she watched Star Trek as a child; she got famous
in it as Starbuck in the reboot of Battlestar Galactica, and she got naked in it in the latest chapter of Vin Diesel's Riddick chronicles.

Gracie Gilbert in "Underbelly"

season six

Gracie was only 20 when she filmed her appearances in this show, which is not well known outside Australia, but in spite of her age and the show's obscurity, she made our annual list.


Oh, I dunno, maybe ... spectacular breasts?

Anna Hutchison in "Spartacus"

final season

Through three seasons and a prequel, with two different Spartaci, this series offered viewers a juicy, salacious look at the familiar sword-and-sandals story. There was plenty of stylized violence, plenty of Roman scheming, plenty of battles for honor, and plenty of frontal nudity from both men and women. Anna didn't join the parade until the tail end, but her trim body impressed many voters.

Lili Simmons in "Banshee"

season one

Cinemax's Banshee series came out unheralded, but quickly emerged as a cult favorite because of an interesting story line, great action scenes, and assertive women. The bonus for us, of course, is that those women were quite often nekkid.

The lovely Lili will continue as a series regular in the second season of Banshee, and will also undertake a character arc in HBO's heralded True Detective, another show which is reputed to weave copious nudity into the action.


Lake Bell in Black Rock

4.7 at IMDb

Lake Bell is making her second appearance on our annual list, and this is her first full-frontal nude scene. She finished 4th in 2011 for exposing her lovely, large breasts in How to Make it in America.

Film Clips  

January Jones in Sweetwater

6.1 at IMDB

In addition to her Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her role as Betty Draper on Mad Men, January Jones has been in movies for about ten years. Perhaps you remember her as Candace in American Wedding. In all that time she had not done any previous nude scenes, but she seems to have decided that age 35 was a good time to start! Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll follow the career nudity path of Laura Linney, who didn't get naked until 35, but then didn't seem to get dressed again for years.

Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons

4.1 at IMDB

There is really nothing more to say about Lindsay. She's only 27, but she's been in the business 17 years, and in trouble almost as long. Because her career began about the same time that people discovered the internet, there have probably been as many words published about her as about Abraham Lincoln or Jesus of Nazareth.  Sometimes those are words of praise for some of her earlier work, but all too often they are words of condemnation, and lately they seem to be words of sorrow for a beautiful young girl who was devoured by fame.

Whatever else you may think of her, you will find it difficult to deny that she has a great chest.


Rose Leslie in "Game of Thrones"

season three

Having appeared in both Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones, the gorgeous ginge has now played a character on what may be the two most talked-about shows of the present day.

People love her. There was plenty of nudity elsewhere on Game of Thrones, but Rose and Emilia Clarke are the ones who got the votes, and that means they are the ones we wanted to see.


Ivana Milicevic in "Banshee"

season one

Interesting woman. She was born in Bosnia and grew up in Michigan, where she modeled. She moved after high school to LA, where she entered show business as ... wait for it ... a stand-up comedian.

You may not have noticed her before Banshee, but she's been working steadily in movies, modeling and TV for more than twenty years (without doing any previous nudity!) She doesn't look it, but she'll turn 40 this spring! As you can see to the right, she certainly hasn't let herself get out of shape.


Emilia Clarke in "Game of Thrones"

season three

This is the second time that the spectacularly beautiful Khaleesi has made the top ten in our annual lists. She also finished tenth in 2011 for a nude scene that may have been my favorite of that year - when she emerged from a fire with her clothes burned off but her flesh and her pet dragons unharmed.


Adèle Exarchopoulos in Blue is the Warmest Color

8.1 at IMDb

Adele, aged 19 at the time of the 2013 Cannes festival, became the youngest person ever to win the Palme D'Or - and she's not even a director!


Laura Prepon in "Orange is the New Black"

season one

This is the second consecutive year in which Laura has finished 7th in our poll (2012- Lay The Favorite). I guess it is a lucky number after all, at least for her.

She has managed to pull that off with mediocre topless scenes, which reflects her tremendous level of popularity and sex appeal. If she ever does a full frontal scene while she's still young, she'll definitely be a contender for the top spot.


Elisabeth Moss in "Top of the Lake"

7.6 at IMDB (mini-series)

What are the chances that two popular Mad Men actresses, neither of whom had even done a nude scene, would enter our annual lists together? (January Jones placed 14th this year.)

I don't know the odds, but I'm glad we beat them.


Lizzy Caplan in "Masters of Sex"

season one

Lizzy is one of our favorites. Sixth place is not even her best showing in our annual polls. In 2008 she placed fourth when she exposed her flawless body during her run on True Blood.


Amanda Seyfried in Lovelace

6.1 at IMDB

Amanda is a former winner in our annual polls. In 2010 she tied for first place by delivering a naked and curvy performance in Chloe, which included some girl-on-girl action with Julianne Moore. She isn't as curvy now, but we still love lookin' at 'er!


Riki Lindhome in Hell Baby

4.8 at IMDB

I was surprised to see this scene finish so high, but not because it's a weak entry. It's a nice full-frontal in good light, and Riki is adorable. What surprised me was that there was so much voter enthusiasm for a relatively obscure 34-year-old actress in a low-budget horror comedy that was never released theatrically and had not been issued on Blu-Ray or DVD at the time of the voting. Her comedy/music act, "Garfunkel and Oates," must have a tremendous following!


Shiri Appleby in "Girls"

season two

A petite brunette with a "girl next door" look, Shiri made her first TV series appearance nearly 30 years ago, on the "Santa Barbara" soap opera, and was doing TV commercials for years before that. In all those decades she had never done a topless scene, but this year she and January Jones each joined the club of actresses doing their first nude scenes at 35.


  Emily Ratajkowski in "Blurred Lines"

music video

Actress and Ford model Emily Ratajkowski, at the tender age of 22, rose to global prominence after uncovering her assets in Robin Thicke's controversial, R-rated "Blurred Lines" music video.  At one time YouTube had banned the uncensored version of the video for violating its guidelines regarding sexually explicit material, but the internet giant reconsidered and subsequently reinstated it.


Rosario Dawson in Trance

6.9 at IMDB

Rosario won the balloting by perhaps the largest margin in the history of our annual polls. (This is our 15th year.) She had more votes than the three nearest competitors added together. How did she do it? The picture to the right is more or less self-explanatory. She's a beautiful, curvy woman and an established mainstream actress who allowed herself to be photographed up close, in good light, with nary a pubic hair to impair our view.

This marks her second appearance in the upper echelons of our list. She finished #6 way back in 2004 for her stark naked appearance in Alexander.


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